Student Focus Groups

In Ardgillan, we value student voice. As part of a range of ways to gather student voice, we use student focus groups to speak with randomly selected students on their learning experiences and their general school experience. This feeds in to our whole school action on learning and teaching, school organisation and also our school self evaluation (SSE) process.

The last student focus group meetings took place on:

  • Friday 24 March 2023 (Randomly selected Junior & Senior students)
  • Tuesday 7 March 2023 (Randomly selected Junior & Senior students)
  • Friday 27 January 2023  (Randomly selected students from 1ARD, 2ARD, 3ARD, 4ARD, 5ARD, 6ARD)
  • Thursday 12 January 2023 (Randomly selected students from 1GIL, 2GIL, 3GIL, 4GIL, 5GIL, 6GIL)
  • Thursday 10 November 2022 (Selected students from 2D)
  • Monday 24 May 2022 (Randomly selected students from 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A)