Student Council 2021-22

Student Council

A student council was established at the college in 2009 in order to foster teamwork and to recognise the importance of student involvement in the decision making process. Each year class representatives are elected by the students to represent them and to give voice to their views and concerns and contributions.

The student council was democratically elected by you, the students, to represent you in the school. If you have any great ideas or if you notice something that needs attention, you can tell any member of the student council and they will discuss them at their meetings and with liaison teachers.

The Student Council meets regularly with Ms.Crossan, Ms.Byrne and Mr.Egan.

Student Council 2021-22

Ardgillan College student council is up and running for the school year 2021-22. The council will strive to make the school a more inclusive and exciting environment for all students by representing the pillars of Teamwork, Respect and Excellence.

Head Boy: Conor (6th Year)

Head Girl: Marcela (6th Year)

Sixth Year: Alex F and Eva McD

Fifth Year: Luke McQ and Olivia B

TY: Alex D, Jamie de S, Monika P and Tara Rose O'B

Third Year: Daniel U and Reema H

Second Year: Mayo C and Abbie McD

First Year: Eoin M and Sophie F