Data Protection Guides for Students

Information from the Data Protection Commission (DPC)

The purpose of the attached guides is to explain what data protection is and why it’s important, what data protection rights are and how to use them, and to give students practical advice on keeping their personal data safe in the digital environment. These guides are intended mainly for children aged 13 and over.

The protection of student’s personal data is an important priority for the DPC, and is one of the five core goals of our 2022-2027 Regulatory Strategy published at the end of last year. We have also recently published the final version of our “Fundamentals” guidance on children’s data protection rights for organisations that collect children’s personal data.

Guide - Data protection – what’s it all about?

This guide introduces young people to the idea of personal data and data protection, and why it’s important for them to know about it. 

Guide - My data protection rights

Each of these short guides introduces students to a different data protection right and how to use it. These guides can be read together or separately. 

Guide - Top tips for keeping your data safe online

This guide has fifteen useful tips to help students – and indeed everyone – keep their personal data safe when they go online.


If you have any questions about anything you read in these guides, you can email or call the DPC.

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