Stand Up Week 2021

 Mon, 15th Nov, 2021

This week is Stand Up Week across Ireland. Ardgillan College is an open, caring and diverse school community, as such we will be taking a stand against homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying & promoting LGBTQIA + awareness this week. Stand Up Week will feature across subjects, specifically CSPE, SPHE, Health Education & RSE, along with several school wide events.

There are lots of activities running across the school, such as:

Irish & International LGBTQI People of inspiration: will be included with the morning announcement & feature on our social media.

Pride Flag Coding Workshop: Mr. O'Neill will be running a workshop during lunchtime Monday lunchtime for 1st  Year students to code their own pride flag.

Bunting and Badges Workshop: Ms. O' Toole will be running a workshop during lunchtime Wednesday for 1st Year students to make bunting or Ardgillan crested pride pins.

Flag Raising: There will be a pride flag raising ceremony during junior lunch Thursday. 

Poem and Poster competition: There will be a school wide poetry & poster competition for Stand Up Week. Themes: inclusion, acceptance, diversity.

Odd Sock Friday: We are encouraging all students to wear odd socks on Friday as a symbol of the diversity in our school community.