Second Year DOTs

 Fri, 6th May, 2022

Second year students will complete a set of standardised tests known as the Drumcondra Online Tests (DOTs) in reading and maths next week (see schedule below).

The DOTs Reading and Maths Test are curriculum-based assessments of reading and mathematical achievement. It is targeted at students in the final term of 2nd year in post-primary school. It is important to note that the DOTs are not an assessment that students can or need to study for.

The test will act in tandem with teachers’ observations and assessments to create a broader picture of students performance. The class and individual reports give teachers a valuable additional source of information about the strengths and difficulties of the students in reading and mathematics.

You can find additional information here:

Monday 9 May: 2A & 2R

Tuesday 10 May: 2D & 2G

Wednesday 11 May: 2I & 2L

Thursday 12 May: 2N

If any student is absent for their DOTs, they can complete it when they come back into school.