Our Incoming 1st Year Students

 Mon, 23rd Aug, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We look forward to welcoming our new 1st Years to the Ardgillan school community next Tuesday, August 31st. The six 1st Year Class Tutors and their Year Head, Ms. Connolly are looking forward to spending time with the students and helping them to get to know their new school. We are currently in the process of planning for our return to school subject to HSE advice and guidance from the Department of Education and Skills. To allow for social distancing we are asking that the students arrive next Tuesday at the following times:

1A - 10.00 am

1R - 10.10 am

1D - 10.20 am

1G - 10.30 am

1I - 10.40 am

1L - 10.50 am


The class that your child is in has been notified to you via our VSWare App. We advise all parents to download our VSware App to keep up to date with school news and events.

We will meet students at the main gate as they arrive and bring them to their Year Group area and base classes. First Years will enter the school through the main school entrance this year. Students do not need to bring lunch with them on their first day. They will only need to bring a pen and their face mask.

On their first day, First Year students will receive their school journals and timetables from their Tutors. Each Tutor will go through their timetables so that students know exactly what books to bring to school on their first day of classes. Please take the time during Induction Week to take a look at their timetable and to look at your child’s journal with them and to sign the relevant policy sections in the journal.

Unfortunately, the lovely tradition we have in Ardgillan of parents joining us in the hall for photos and speeches on the first day cannot take place this year. However, our senior management team, our staff, our head boy and head girl and our prefects will be all be here to welcome your children to their new school and we promise that we will mind them for you! All First Year students will finish at 12pm on their first day and the timetable for the rest of their Induction Week (including their Entrance Exam) is under the Calendar Tab on our school website.

We look forward to working with you and your children in the years ahead.

Yours sincerely,

Nuala Ní Mhurchú