Online Learning Parents/Guardians Advice

 Sun, 10th Jan, 2021

Advice for Parents

Students have been given all the codes and passwords they need for online learning

The students all filled out an insert for their journal with all the Edmodo codes 

All students were given a sticker to put in their journal with their school email log-in details 

If students have misplaced Edmodo codes or cannot access a Teams class, contact the teacher directly by emailing with “For the attention of [teachers name] in the subject line". Make sure to state the students name and class in the email. 

If a student cannot access his/her school email, contact outlining the difficulty 

Microsoft Teams is our platform for any live classes which may be offered

Teachers can be contacted directly via email and only during school hours. 

Work should be assigned at 8.30am and the students are permitted 24 hours to submit the work. We recommend that students work to the timetable. Parents should try to encourage students to begin school work at 8.30am and finish at 4pm at the very latest.  

The work for students in each class period should be approximately 40 minutes including teacher instruction. 

We advise parents to set up a Parent Edmodo account to track your child’s progress. This explains how to get set up:

If your child has a special educational need that is affecting your child’s ability to engage in Distance learning, please contact the school by emailing and our SEN Team will get in touch.