Latest DES Advice for Parents on School Reopening

 Tue, 25th Aug, 2020

Please find below a leaflet from the Department of Education which contains the latest advice on school reopening for parents.

Message from Minister for Education Norma Foley:

"We have updated with new materials for parents and for students. These are designed to be age-appropriate and have been developed in consultation with children and young people and parents. I am grateful to everyone who has participated in giving us this feedback and support and I hope you find them useful.

Video for parents with key information on supporting children to return to school available here  and

Fliers for parents – these are available for download The HSE has prepared material on recognising symptoms, which complements the material from the Department on returning to school. This is available here

Age-appropriate videos for children and young people at different stages. Videos for primary (both junior and senior level) and post-primary students are available here

Resources in a wide range of languages. Many schools will enjoy a huge diversity among their student and parent community. To support these parents, we have translated guidance for parents at"