Information from Dublin & Dun Laoghaire Education & Training Board (DDLETB)

 Sat, 20th Oct, 2018

Ardgillan Community College, Balbriggan, is a 1000 pupil capacity school under the patronage of DDLETB with a current enrolment of 910 pupils.

Phase 1 of the school building was built in 2009, as a design and build contract completed on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills, followed by phase 2 in 2015.

A fire safety assessment of Phase 1 was carried out and necessary works are currently being undertaken to remediate issues discovered during the assessment

During the course of these works, additional issues of a structural nature were identified.

Opening up (examination of the building behind plaster work) in two classrooms took place on Friday and a consultant engineer on behalf of DDLETB discovered significant structural issues. More opening up will be required as a follow up.

Having considered the engineer’s advice and in the interests of the health and safety of the students and staff of the school, DDLETB in consultation with the Department of Education and Skills and school management, has made the decision to close phase 1 of the school building, effective immediately.

School management is now making immediate arrangements to accommodate up to 200 students who will be discommoded and the school will communicate the details of the arrangements to parents/guardians once finalised.

Staff and parents have been informed by the school management and will be kept updated in this regard.

DDLETB and the School Management have emphasised that their absolute priority at all times is the health and safety of students and staff and the above measure is therefore considered appropriate.

Phase 2 of the building remains unaffected.