Collaboration Week 2022 (19th-23rd September)

 Mon, 19th Sep, 2022

Every year we focus on a learning area to collaborate on as a whole school. This year we continue to focus on Patterns, Trends and Relationships and working with students to find these in and across their subjects. We are also working with students to reflect on their progress as learners and develop a sense of ownership of and responsibility for their learning. We start this process by launching our first themed week of the year ‘Collaboration Week’ which starts today.

You can support the school in our learning focus this year by helping your child identify patterns, trends and relationships in and across their subjects - to join your child’s learning up and find links between subjects. Students will have a ‘Looking Back’ sheet stuck in their journals this week which asks them to reflect on their summer exams and to set goals for this academic year. Please read through this and have a discussion with your child about it. Encourage your child to try the activities that will be running throughout Collaboration week and even take on the Head Boy and Head Girl challenge.

Note: Our school focus every year can be found in the T&L tab on the school website and under School Self Evaluation (SSE).