Autism Awareness Week

 Fri, 21st May, 2021

This week DDLETB schools celebrated Autism Awareness Week. In Ardgillan we are fortunate to have a number of  ASD students who enrich our school community. Our SEN Team made an extra effort this week to celebrate these students and acknowledge the contribution they make to the positive and inclusive culture in Ardgillan.

If you would like to donate to help to raise much needed funds for AsIAm - Ireland's National Autism Charity click here to donate (online only)

There were a series of education webinars and events this week to raise #AutismAwareness

Highlights included:

a) Live into the classroom 'Autism Awareness' with Adam Harris (CE, AsIAm) on Thursday 20th May @ 10 am

b) 'Doggy Doodles' drawing workshop for 5-10 years (CNS) with our very own Jennifer Farley on Thursday 20th May @ 11 am.

c) 'Autism Awareness' - A Senior Leaders Session with AsIAm on Thursday 20th May @ 2 pm

d) 'Parenting a Child with Autism’ on Wednesday 17th May @ 7 pm 

E) 'Empowering Learners’ a session for SNAs, SENCOs, teachers and leaders/managers on Wednesday 19th May @ 1:30 pm.