Art Week (16-20th January)

 Sun, 15th Jan, 2023

This week is Art Week! There are a number of activities involved and we encourage everyone to get involved:


  • Lunchtime stencil art class. Led by fifth years in R008
  • Art Film on in R004   


  • Drawing Class led by 5th year students
  • Art Film on in R004
  • Face Painting in Canteen


  • Print with foam board class led by fifth years
  • Art Film on in R004


  • Origami Paper craft class led by fifth years. (work in progress)
  • Art Film on in R004 
  • Face painting in canteen

Tutor Classes

  • To draw their tutor throughout the week 
  • Each student to draw on a lollypop stick for a combined art piece (one by each student but more if you would like)