Ardgillan Weather Station

 Tue, 7th Jun, 2022

Climate change and extreme weather events are two very important global issues. It is important that our students understand the processes behind these weather processes. Ardgillan College is proud to have installed a state-of-the-art weather monitoring station. We use a Davis Pro 2 System. This allows us to live stream and monitor weather conditions in our local area and make short range forecasts.

You can follow our weather data by clicking on the 'Weatherlink' at the top of the Homepage on the school website or click here: Weatherlink

This System will allow our students to record, track and analyse local weather data in real time and present it in a variety of formats across several subject disciplines such as Geography, Science, Maths and Computer Science.

Our station monitors and records;

  • Windspeed & Direction
  • Rainfall
  • Temperature including windchill and "real feel" values
  • Rainfall
  • Humidity
  • Atmospheric pressure